StoneGlow Candle Urban Botanics Tumbler in Coconut Lime Zest


SS/20 New Season: Our new season brings fresh scents for your beloved home. Shop the StoneGlow Candle Urban Botanics Tumbler in Coconut Lime Zest. Zingy lime and tropical coconut enliven and lift. Delicate violet leaf brings a floral subtlety whilst warm, sensuous vanilla and tonka bean give a depth and mellowness to this fragrance. StoneGlow pride themselves on always sourcing the finest materials. Their perfumers blend these materials into distinctive and original fragrances.

StoneGlow candles are the perfect gift to yourself, light for a calm and peaceful relaxing soak in the bath, mellow and warm for a quiet night in, or up beat and lively for a party. Scented candles help you set the mood and atmosphere of any room for any occasion. the gentle flicker of light from an illuminated wick can add even more character. Scented candles are the quickest way to improve the aura of your home, and the most affordable way to add that luxurious feeling.

Scent: Coconut Lime Zest

Designer: StoneGlow


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